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Buxton Hilbre Environmental Policy

Buxton Hilbre B&B is committed to minimising its environmental impacts where possible. Action is being taking in the following areas:



  • We avoid purchasing over packaged goods wherever possible
  • Vegetables are delivered via the Wild Carrot (EQM business) green box scheme – with minimal packaging
  • Items are bought in bulk where possible (usually from Suma in Halifax)
  • Home cooking from scratch reduces packaging
  • Milk is delivered in glass bottles


  • Both sides of the paper are always used
  • Egg boxes are returned
  • Daisybank Apiaries (EQM business) jars are returned
  • Glass jars are used for home made jam and marmalade
  • Carrier bags are used to line waste paper bins
  • Detergent bottles are refilled from bulk bottles


  • Paper, cardboard, glass, tins, cans, plastic bottles, plastic wrap and tetrapacs are all taken for recycling
  • Compostable food waste is put on the home compost heap


  • 80% of light bulbs have been converted to energy efficient alternatives
  • Roof windows help improve natural light and reduce the need for artificial lighting
  • The landings are fitted with an ultra low energy moon light
  • The loft is insulated – currently building works include adding ceiling insulation to the kitchen
  • Double glazing on the upper two floors
  • Modern efficient gas boiler
  • Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) on all radiators
  • Radiators regularly bled of air to improve the efficiency levels of the central heating
  • Heating is operated by a programmable timer
  • Curtains are drawn at dusk to keep in the heat
  • Foil radiator reflectors are fitted to some radiators
  • The hot water tank is heavily insulated
  • Showers run off the mains hot water tank rather than using electric showers
  • The newer white goods are A rated – all future purchases will be A or A+/A++ rated for energy efficiency
  • The older less efficient fridge has a SavaPlug fitted to reduce energy use
  • The dishwasher and washing machine are only operated when full and on as low a temperature as possible
  • All laundry is either air dried or hung over the Aga
  • Sheets are rinsed / put through a quick wash if appropriate
  • Electrical items are switched off where possible (as opposed to leaving them on standby)
  • The main TV is a more energy efficient LCD model


  • The dishwasher and washing machine are A rated for water efficiency
  • The hose (which is rarely used) has been fitted with a spray nozzle
  • Toilets are either dual / low flush or have been fitted with a savaflush bag
  • There are no dripping taps
  • The hot water system is very effective removing the need to 'draw off' a large amount of cold water before hot water is provided


Wherever possible we use local suppliers and seek to use goods and services which do not have a negative environmental impact

Environmental Quality Mark

We are proud to be holders of the prestigious Peak District National Park Environmental Quality Mark – this award recognises businesses that have good environmental practices and contribute to the conservation of the National Park by using products from land within the National Park managed for nature conservation. For more information see


Philippa Bowen
March 2007
Updated May 2008

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